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Jinan Decoration Company: How to Clean and Clean Wall Cloth and Introduction of Advantages and Advantages
Nowadays, many families are decorating with wall cloth, the pace of the times is moving forward from time to time, and the use of wall cloth has gradually improved. Because the use of wall cloth to decorate your house can make your house look more beautiful, neat, cleaner and more unusual. Then, what are the methods of maintenance and cleaning of the wall cloth and what are the characteristics of the wall cloth?
I. Cleaning methods
During wallpaper construction, doors and windows should be opened during the day, and ventilation should be maintained; doors and windows should be closed in the morning to avoid moisture entering. Just paste the wall cloth, stop the breeze blowing, will affect its bonding fastness surface engineering.
When cleaning, if the edge of the wall cloth is warped, the user should calmly consider it. This is due to the change of weather temperature and humidity. Therefore, consumers only need to use professional wall cloth and stop sticking wallpaper glue. And with a flat object, such as a book, such as a table tennis racket pressure on it.
II. Ways of recuperation
1. Seamless sticking: Hurd seamless wall cloth height of 2.7-3 meters, so that the whole wall without seams, dealing with the construction of fabric splicing on the top of the picture and the occurrence of clear seam defects, to prevent the chagrin of seam cracking, there will be no glue spill.
2. Environmental protection tasteless: Hurd seamless wall fabric is environmental protection materials, non-toxic and harmful to human body. No formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile gases occurring in wall paint will be present in decoration. Environmental protection objectives meet the requirements of national interior decoration rules, and can be accommodated on the day of construction.
3. Air permeability, mildew resistance and anticorrosion: Hurd seamless wall cloth is a fibre fabric. It has good air permeability and mildew resistance after special processing. It is water-proof, pollution-proof, mildew-proof and oil-proof, and is not easy to mildew and decay. Seamless wall cloth can discharge moisture from the wall through huge fine holes to avoid mildew on the wall surface and be durable.
4. Flame Retardant: Hurd seamless wall fabric flame retardant level up to European specifications.
5. Wear-resistant wall: paste on the wall, as if to add a layer of soft wire mesh to the whole wall, add wall fastness, avoid wall cracking, reach the effect of wall leveling.
6. Easy to handle: Hurd seamless wall cloth after a special process to stop oil, anti-fouling and waterproof disposal, can be scrubbed with wet towels, so that the wall adheres to bright and clean.
7. Rich colour and lustre: Hurd seamless wall cloth strictly in accordance with: washable; sun-resistant high standard implementation. Normal form can ensure that the color of the wall cloth does not fade, not dim.
8. Sound absorption and insulation effect is good: Because Hurd seamless wall cloth has concave and convex texture, it can diffuse, penetrate and soft reflection on sound wave, make it sound dispersion fast, echo small, its sound absorption and muffling, so it has good sound insulation effect.
9. Usage is universal: the product has a wide range of applications, whether for hotels, restaurants, bars, KTV, office buildings and other public places, or for home villas, ordinary residential decoration and renovation, it has a weak vitality.
10. Complex construction: Construction is more complex, two or one group can also be constructed, the speed is much faster than wallpaper. In addition, the product has another advantage, that is, it is suitable for the innovation of old wall. If the old latex paint is innovated due to years of application demand, only the wall surface is flat and not loose, it is not necessary to shovel the wall skin, but indirectly construct on the old wall surface. It prevents the chagrin caused by the dusty house and the removal of furniture, which saves you time, effort and worry.
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