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1. Simple and natural, you don't have to pursue meaningless luxury: Software is a new branch of the interior design industry. From abroad to home, interior design has gradually turned to simple and natural trend from the luxury pursued in previous years. Seemingly simple but not simple, this style is also becoming the choice of people who pursue the quality of life.
Small space uses the principle of "light decoration". Furniture allocation is the most important function of home space. It reduces the fixed and heavy decoration. The space is moved out and the talents work freely.
2、 肉体层面的装饰才是追求的重点:灯光一能营造出空间的意境,也室内设计中十分重要的环节,灯光是一种情怀、一种情调,是人们在肉体层面对生活质量的追求。同时也可在品茶区、客厅、卧室、休闲区等区域,都请求设计与之相对应的灯光、摆设、花艺搭配等内容。
2. Decoration on the physical level is the focus of pursuit: lighting can create the artistic conception of space most, and it is also a very important link in interior design. Lighting is a kind of mood, a kind of sentiment, and is the pursuit of quality of life on the physical level. At the same time, in tea-tasting area, living room, bedroom, leisure area and other areas, all requests design and corresponding lighting, decoration, flower matching and other content.
例如一些小空间防止繁复图腾或过度张牙舞爪的装饰,焦点垂吊灯具发明视觉焦点 ,但太过油腻“自然味”是有了,但又不免流于单调,灯具由于发光的实质,自身就是视觉焦点,多重环绕室内光源,早已转变成现代一个中心主灯为主轴的概念。焦点垂吊灯实是一个疾速营造视觉焦点的省事办法 。
For example, some small spaces prevent the decoration of complex totems or excessive teeth and claws. Focus pendant lamps invent visual focus, but too greasy "natural flavor" is there, but also inevitably monotonous. Because of the essence of luminescence, lamps themselves are visual focus, multiple surround indoor light sources, has long been transformed into a modern concept of a central main light as the main axis. Focus pendant lamp is a convenient way to quickly create visual focus.
3. Light decoration can be impoverished, but we should pay attention to the function: light decoration actually wants to make people more relaxed in the air for life, which requests to meet the functional needs. The most important two spaces are the bathroom and kitchen. These two spaces are the most able to show the warmth of the home environment. Make the best of everything. For example, the design of toilet and kitchen needs to be extreme, kitchen cabinets, lampblack machines, water heaters, water purifiers and so on need to be suitable for warmth.
At the same time, the decoration design of small space should also be people-oriented, supplemented by furniture reception, return to people-oriented, minimize the need for not commonly used design, or design more suitable functional style, so as to prevent small space congestion and ensure warmth.
4. Saving money is not to buy inferior goods, but to spend money on the central part of the spending: many people think that decoration costs more to save, but to know that now save money to buy cheap goods, time and then exchange costs more. Ceiling design is not necessary, poor design will increase people's sense of repression, adhere to the original height and appearance of the ceiling, save money and beautiful.
The common recommendation stone for toilet is better, so that the corners can be disposed of smoothly, and there is no need to worry about dead corners when cleaning. In the choice of furniture, high-quality wood products give people a feeling of life and quality is comparable to delicate warmth, high-quality furniture and even can be inherited, so it can not make sense.
The smallest and most exquisite furniture makes the most exquisite small space. The bigger the small space furniture is, the less skillful it is. However, the relative range of people's remaining activities is also reduced. Simplification can show its common beauty.
5、生活美学不关乎设计 而在于心情:人们常说,生活中并不短少美,而是短少发现美的眼睛。关于家居装饰也是一样,有时分并不需求太冗杂的修饰,那样反而会显得杂乱无章。只需在开心的时分,采一株雏菊插在花瓶中;在外面下着雨,或将一把文竹放在玻璃瓶中,绿色会在这个时分缓解郁闷的心情。而这些并不是那些华美的背景墙、豪华的家具或灯具可以满足的。
5. Life aesthetics is not about design but about mood: people often say that life is not short of beauty, but short of eyes to find beauty. The same is true of home decoration. Sometimes it doesn't need too much jumbled decoration, but it will appear chaotic. Just pick a daisy and put it in a vase when you are happy, or rain outside, or put a asparagus in a glass vase. Green will ease your depression at this time. And these are not those gorgeous background walls, luxury furniture or lamps can be satisfied.
比方小空间面积较局促,墙壁除了刷白有空间扩展的效果,彩墙颜色若选择得宜,反而能做出深度感,拉大空间的视觉效果。以油漆彩墙,发明视觉平面感 .
For example, the area of small space is more constrained. In addition to whitening, the wall has the effect of space expansion. If the color of the color wall is chosen properly, it can make a sense of depth and enlarge the visual effect of the space. Paint the wall to create a visual sense of plane.
6. Mashup should follow the 28 criteria, that is, the main tone accounts for eight: there are many mashup styles in modern home, but mashup also needs to grasp the degree, adjust the main tone, everything is possible. Therefore, most of the mixing wind needs to follow the 28 criteria. If the Italian style is extremely miscellaneous carving, pure color style, can match some modern brightly colored furniture; if the American style, can match some vegetable wood-colored Ming furniture. But remember, don't overdo it.
7. The stacked materials are not as good as a real work of art: Nowadays, a kind of life aesthetics, temperament aesthetics and time aesthetics are prevalent in the design industry. Putting something comparable to artistic beauty at home can make the family feel that they have time together and create a good atmosphere. Don't stack some too complicated and heavy materials for decoration at home.
8. Use the simplest design language to describe space: simplify complex things, repeat simple things, and use the simplest design language to describe every space. For example, the application of color, can repeatedly use a color, flower art, tablecloth, candles, napkins, bedding, curtains, slippers, can use a color system, and then use light in different spaces to give different changes, to create a new common space.
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