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1. Opening and closing
Beginning of the project: before the start of the project, the project department, the designer and the owner stop communicating on the related matters of the construction site, and explain to the owner the planning and acceptance node of the construction.
Acceptance and acceptance of the original house: check whether the walls and roofs are cracked, whether the air is flat, whether the underlying equipment is in good condition, whether the air can leak.
Result map of start-up of decoration company
2 Fundamental Engineering
Maintenance: Before removal, waste products must be maintained in the public parts of the house and the building, which not only prevents damage from later construction, but also prevents cultural construction.
Remove: The load-bearing wall must not be demolished! Don't tear down the concrete shear wall! Beams and columns, like load-bearing walls, play a supporting role and are also irrevocable.
Wall-building: In order to meet the applicable needs and performance of the owners, the functional planning is discontinued. Wall building must adhere to the vertical leveling of the wall surface! ___________
Wall hanging net: All new masonry walls and walls are covered with wire mesh, so that better wall connection, and then batch of ash, to avoid wall cracking.
Maintenance drawings of famous sculptures in decoration companies
3 Hydropower Projects
水电交底 :水电交底就是分离本人的运用习气,用彩色放样定好家里的位置点位。如插座、龙头、马桶、地漏的位置。
Hydropower Interpretation: Hydropower Interpretation is to separate my habits of use and to set the location of my home with color lofting. Such as socket, faucet, toilet and floor drain.
水电改造-开槽 :即开槽并布设水电管线,开槽一定要横平竖直,若是斜的弯的一片紊乱,后续施工不规范可能打穿管道。
Hydropower transformation - slotting: that is, slotting and laying hydropower pipelines, slotting must be horizontal and vertical, if the oblique bending is disordered, follow-up construction is not standardized may break through the pipeline.
水电改造-走线 :水电施工的优先准绳:一走顶,第二走墙,第三走地。假如全部走地,检修就要把地板掀起来,不便当检修。
Hydropower transformation - route: the priority criterion of hydropower construction: the first is roof walking, the second is wall walking, and the third is floor walking. If all go to the ground, the floor will be lifted up for overhaul, which is inconvenient for overhaul.
水电验收 :水路要打压测试、电路要通电验收。验收没问题后,才会填平修补墙面空中,把管线彻底躲藏起来。
Acceptance and acceptance of hydropower: the waterway should be tested and the circuit should be checked and accepted. After the acceptance is all right, the wall will be filled and repaired, and the pipeline will be completely hidden.
Effective Drawing of Hydropower Project of Decoration Company
4 Waterproof and moisture-proof
Toilet waterproof and moisture-proof: Settlement pool waterproof painting to the height of 30 cm above the air completion surface, wall moisture-proof request painting height not less than 2.1 meters.
Water closure experiment: After waterproof painting is done in the water-bearing areas such as toilet, kitchen and balcony, the water closure experiment needs to be stopped by blocking the sewer pipe. After 24 hours, no water seeps into the next room and downstairs before the water closure experiment is completed.
Wood products waterproof and moistureproof: Wood products should be coated with moistureproof varnish, and separated from the wall with moistureproof Pearl cotton, to prevent water vapor from penetrating through the wall.
Waterproof and moisture-proof drawings for famous carvings of decoration companies
5 carpentry
Ceiling: The water content of wooden suspender and wooden keel used in ceiling should not exceed 12%. Ceiling keel must be coated with fire-proof paint for fire-proof disposal, and the ventilation and overhaul openings of central air conditioning should be reserved.
Craft of ceiling 7-shaped corner: When ceiling ceiling ceiling seal splint, there should be no joint at the corner. The "7" type whole plate seal is used to prevent cracking.
Effect drawing of famous carving ceiling of decoration company
6 paint
Grinding: Before applying primer, polish and lubricate to avoid the appearance of wool surface; brush back and forth can not exceed three times, panel line color does not differ, to deal with the difference until the rubbing color.
Maintenance: The paint is maintained with transparent film after completion.
Paint effect drawing of famous sculpture brush of decoration company
7 muddy water
Repair and leveling: If water and electricity pipes or walls have uneven centers in the air, they need to be filled with cement.
Tile sticking: Make sure that the tiles will not leak.
Drainage test: After placing bricks, we need to do drainage test in the bathroom. No matter which central part of the bathroom pours water, the water can flow smoothly to the floor without water accumulation.
Leveling effect map of decoration company
8. Printing and pasting of latex paint
Grass-roots disposal: After the original grass-roots white ash is eradicated and cleaned, the batch ash layer should be covered with anti-cracking fiber mesh to avoid irregular cracks on the wall caused by shrinkage and contraction of the wall latex paint.
Wall paint: After the putty is scraped, you can start to paint the wall (one primer, two topcoats) or other wall construction materials (such as wallpaper, diatom mud, etc.) and do a good job of maintenance.
Painting effect drawing of decoration company
9 device
Kitchen and bathroom main material equipment: toilet, floor drain, eight-shaped valve, flower sprinkler, bathroom cabinet, mirror cabinet, hardware device;
Kitchen cabinet, lampblack machine, stove, sink, faucet device;
Wall Background and Glass Device: Gray batch, smooth grinding of the original wall base, spraying latex paint to lubricate the wall; Glass device must be ventilated up and down, not completely blocked.
Switch socket device: Switch socket and lighting fixture on electrician door-to-door device, and test whether it can be used normally one by one. After the lighting and switching devices were completed, the hard-fitting was accomplished.
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