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Jinan Decoration Company informs you of the design of four exquisite wardrobes for decoration
1. Walled Wardrobe
For the enemies with large apartment and small bedroom area, the application rate of wall wardrobe to space will be higher. Because it is integrated with the whole wall, the face value is naturally comparable to high.
Features: space saving, good collection of sundries, sensitive style, size and shape, easy to change, poor ventilation and ventilation.
Applicable space: large apartment, small bedroom area.
Wall wardrobe decoration skills: In order to achieve better reception effect, wall wardrobe had better do more partitions, the interval between the layers should not be too large, otherwise stacked clothes are too high, take one of the clothes time easily confused the other. Generally, laminates can be designed to be movable. When the number of clothes increases or decreases, they can adjust their position at any time.
1. Independent wardrobe
Compared with wall wardrobes, independent wardrobes require a relatively high space area. If the bedroom space is comparatively large, you can choose an independent wardrobe. Independent wardrobes have many styles, which can save the time of making wardrobes and have good dust-proof effect.
Features: Dust-proof, good storage space, adequate room lighting, tidy up.
Applicable space: families with large residential area, more clothes and larger storage space.
Independent wardrobe decoration skills: to prevent the selection of louvers and other easy to enter the dust wardrobe doors, wardrobes now have a variety of choices, according to indoor style with different cabinet doors, but also to create unexpected visual focus. In addition, the choice of sliding doors can also increase the barriers to opening doors.
3. Step-in Cloakroom
If there is a single empty room or space in the house (e.g. storage room), then it can be used to make a separate walk-in cloakroom. Seasonal clothing storage, fitting and make-up can be stopped here.
Features: Independent room, large storage space, uniform clothing display, easy access, space wastage, poor air circulation.
Applicable space: large apartment.
Step-in cloakroom decoration skills: because walk-in wardrobe does not have cabinet doors, dust-proof effect will be comparable poor, so it is recommended that cloth curtain can be used to stop shielding; ordinary walk-in cloakroom is all dark, so the use of light must be matched; sealed space, air circulation is not good, wardrobe board must be selected, otherwise it is easy to produce peculiar odor.
4. Open Wardrobe
It's always strange to wear clothes that you don't want to wash, to wear today's matched clothes, to iron those that are still slightly wet and then put them in a sealed wardrobe.
This time you can try open wardrobe, open wardrobe seems to occupy a larger space, in reality, if the application of wall building, you can fully apply the height of the bedroom, not occupy much of the central, but also extend the space. In addition, the greatest benefit is that the partition can be removed freely and the structural adjustment can be stopped at any time according to the storage condition.
Features: Ventilation, easy to find items at a glance, sensitive structure, weak pendant, drawer and partition functions.
In summary, all the above-mentioned Jinan Mulanqingcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. provides, want to know more about Jinan Decoration Company knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website: http://www.mulanqingcheng.com Thank you for your support!


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