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Ji'nan Mulan city decoration project teaches you 6 basic knowledge of hydropower installations.
1. water pipe slotting
Construction method. First, play the line and then slotting. Pipeline grooving must be done in parallel or straight lines, as required, better than a hydroelectric construction drawing with a reference to the construction drawings. Pipelines requiring parallel alignment must be kept at 60-90 centimeters high and pipes with taps must be straight. The depth control is about four centimeters. After the line is opened, the construction personnel must record the size and orientation of the slotting pipeline. Facilitate the later stage sanitary ware device to determine the specific location of the pipeline.
2. water pipe installation
Decorative materials require.PPR pipe. Aluminum plastic pipe. Three years ago, many people liked to use aluminum plastic pipes. In the past two years, there were more PPR pipes. There are two kinds of pipes: cold water pipes and hot water pipes. Hidden pipes must not be galvanized iron pipes.
If the waterway function of the construction drawing is unreasonable, it is necessary to exchange with the owner and add the function of the waterway.
3. water pipe inspection
Water pipeline inspection is very important, which will affect the future safety problems of waterways. We often use pressure test to check whether there is leakage in the pipeline. Pressure test is one of the inspection methods. Choose a plug to plug all the inner wires, then use pressure gauge to suppress water test. After checking, check whether all pipes and joints are leaking. Another way is to open the valve two days and two nights after plugging, the third day to check all the joint position to see if there is any leakage.
4. two times waterproof
After the water pipes are installed, all the grooves in the bathroom will be sealed with cement mortar. Compared with the groove and the ground dry, clean the ground and the wall again, the wall can be waterproof after the water is dried, the wall waterproof should be as high as one meter. If there is furniture or appliances on the back of the bathroom, it is necessary to make full walls. In order to prevent furniture from dampness, the ground needs to be filled with slag after waterproofing. Fill the slag ten cm or more with cement mortar dry mixed to fill. Do two waterproofing floors and walls should be done together.
5. wire line slotting
Jinan decoration company's construction personnel in consultation with the owners of electricity and requirements, and the electrician to come to the bottom, play a parallel and straight line groove. After installing the switch socket, the socket should be slotted 40 cm above the ground, the wall-mounted air-conditioning socket should be slotted 2.2 meters above the ground, and the switch should be slotted 1.2-1.4 meters above the ground. The switch socket fitting device must play the horizontal line to slotting. Bathroom requirements combined with the use of work for the elastic line slotting.
6. wire wiring
The selection of data requires.2.5-6 square meters of copper core wire.16 mm above the line pipe. Wiring Requirements: Most electricians do not consider the separate wiring of strong and weak electricity, switches, air conditioning sockets and electrical sockets in circuit wiring. So slotting can save a lot of money. Strong and weak wiring requirements should be 30 cm apart, air conditioning socket for more than 6 square wire grouping, electrical socket for 4 square wire, switch for 2.5 square special grouping. The air conditioning line is 2 meters away from the ground. The electrical wiring is on the ground, the switch and the line of lighting system are on the wall or the top. Switch sockets must be horizontal or straight when the device is installed, so that the rear panel device is more flat. Kitchen switches and sockets must be combined with the use of cabinet work for inductive placement and installation. Therefore, after the wire is installed, the construction workers record the placement of the line and the arrangement of the scale, so as to facilitate the later various decorations and furniture devices.
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