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Experience 1: Kitchen top selection of anti-aging, easy to scrub information.
China Duting's kitchen, fried, fried, steamed, fried, boiled, smoked all day long sticky fire, then the choice of ceiling is anti-aging, easy to scrub information. Nowadays, many families choose aluminium fasteners for three reasons: cheap, easy to disassemble and easy to clean. But many people will also feel that the level of aluminum button plate is not enough, that can also use gypsum board.
Experience 2: The kitchen wall sticks to the top
If the kitchen wall tiles are only half high, the rest of the uncovered center will be very abrupt, to tell the truth, not beautiful. When the tiles are attached to the top, they should be scrubbed and any stains can be seen at a glance. Especially back to the south, looking at the water droplets on the wall, is it very picturesque?
Experience 3: The height of kitchen countertop is very important for information
1. 高度
1. Height
The height of the table should be based on the height of the person who often cooks at home. Usually the height is 80-85 cm. Of course, the detailed information should be based on the person who often goes to the kitchen!!!
2. 资料
2. Information
Choose waterproof, fire-proof and easy-to-clean materials to make countertops. Quartz stone is a choice. Marble countertops are not easy to make appearance, but also easy to absorb oil and permeate colour, and not easy to clean. In addition, a water retainer is added on the reverse side of the cabinet to make it a little higher. Avoid water flow to the back of the cabinet and damage the cabinet.
3. 灶台
3. Kitchen stand
The kitchen stand must not be facing the window or very close to it. Open the window, the wind will affect the temperature, do not open the window, always feel depressed;
Experience 4: Watch out for drainage, anti-skid and easy cleaning in the air
In response to these two needs, you need to do is:
1. 装置地漏并购置防滑砖(有条件的可在水槽下的空中铺上防滑垫)
1. Installation of floor drain and installation of anti-skid bricks (conditional anti-skid pads can be laid in the air under the flume)
2. 不要选择过小的瓷砖或马赛克来铺空中,厨房瓷砖请求接缝小并且少,便当清洁清扫。
2. Don't choose too small tiles or mosaics to lay in the air. Kitchen tiles require small and few seams, so they should be cleaned.
Experience 5: Enough light in the kitchen
Kitchen light can be divided into two levels: 1. Integral lighting (ceiling lamp/fluorescent lamp), 2. Partial lighting (tube lamp/tube lamp/wall lamp). Since there is the possibility of light shielding in the hanging cabinet, it is necessary to start safely and do some part of lighting in the preparation area.
In addition, fire-proof, dust-proof and easy-to-scrub lamps and lanterns should be selected. Lighting is warm and natural. Don't choose garish colors, which not only affect color discrimination but also affect appetite.
Experience 6: Good Choice of Chinese Fume Pumping Machine
The cooking style of Duting in China must be different from that of foreign countries, so when choosing the lampblack machine, choose the Chinese lampblack machine! High power, clean pumping. European style is beautiful and foreign, but it is not suitable for Chinese style. It can also add an additional exhaust fan to ensure that the soot is clean and clean. Remember to scrub regularly.
Experience 7: Refrigerator not close to the stove
The higher temperature around the stove will affect the refrigeration of the refrigerator. If you make an embedded refrigerator at home and hide it, remember to pay attention to heat dissipation!!! Leave room for heat dissipation around, at the top and at the bottom!
Experience 8: Pay attention to the shortage of power sockets
Nowadays, all kinds of household appliances will be placed in the kitchen, such as electric oven, microwave oven, electromagnetic oven, soybean milk machine, lampblack machine and so on. But with more appliances, the shortage of sockets becomes a problem. Many owners will use a lot of towing boards to deal with the problem, but the number of towing boards is not only beautiful, but also can not guarantee the safety of electricity. So in the kitchen decoration circuit construction time must calculate the amount of socket.
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