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Narrative office decoration
过去大多数工作空间看起来大多数都很中庸,像是经过统一规划而成的。但是,在21世纪以效劳为导向的经济形式下,采用叙说方式有个性的新型办公室的室内装饰正在呈现,它们经由穿越办公室内部空间的过程来讲述关于一个公司及其牌子的故事。随着和公司名气的严密相连,办公室室内装饰请求强有力地表现运用者对身份的认同感。作为集体“记忆” 的容器,不时地使员工感遭到环境中的视觉刺激,以加强效劳观念。
In the past, most workspaces seemed to be mediocre, as if they had been planned in a unified way. However, in the service-oriented economy of the 21st century, new office interior decoration with narrative personality is emerging. They tell stories about a company and its brand through the process of traversing the interior space of the office. With the close connection with the company's reputation, office interior decoration requests strongly express the user's identity. As a collective "memory" container, from time to time employees feel the visual stimulation of the environment, in order to strengthen the concept of service.
Node office space interior decoration
The office was once designed as a static space for work, used by desk workers who hardly need to exchange ideas. However, in the knowledge economy situation of the 21st century, sensitive and changeable new office space is emerging. This kind of node office space allows information to flow more freely. Node-type office space interior decoration provides a fixed place for people who need sensitive layout, that is, a resource center for training, consultation and collaboration, which leads to successful transformation. Essentially, the interior decoration of node office space also provides a connecting hub for business activities.
Good-neighbourliness office space decoration
以往的办公室,其设计理念是:工作是那些不得不去完成的事情,而并不是能够带 来快乐和愉悦的事情。但在21世纪倡导以人为本的经济社会中,富有创意的新办公空间脱颖而出。把办公室的气氛设计得和睦友好,其意图主要是发明 一种社交景观,经过和睦友好的气氛,将员工们引入一个有共同目的的团体中。城市中那些经典场所如市镇广场、花园篱笆、文娱区、安静空间和令人愉悦的酒吧,都可缩微到办公室的室内装饰中。
In the past, the idea of office design was that work was something that had to be done, not something that could bring happiness and pleasure. But in the economic society advocating people-oriented in the 21st century, innovative new office space stands out. Designing an office atmosphere of harmony and friendliness is mainly to create a social landscape, through which employees can be brought into a community with a common purpose. Classic places in the city, such as town squares, garden fences, recreational areas, quiet spaces and pleasant bars, can be reduced to office interior decoration.
Nomadic office decoration
Under the guidance of science, technology and economy in the 21st century, offices no longer depend on location. Nowadays, at any time of day or night, many jobs are stopped and carried out outside the traditional corporate office buildings. Portable communication devices and the Internet make the way of working more and more irregular. In this new economic situation, workers need a new environment to improve work efficiency. From the perspective of astronomical location, the interior decoration of nomadic office space is popular in every corner of people's daily life. It provides people with a genuine choice of workplace in order to achieve a balance between work and leisure life.
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