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Several Comparisons between Office Decoration and Home Decoration
Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, all walks of life in the market are gradually developing. With the development of market economy, there are more and more offices. Well, what Xiaobian will introduce to you tomorrow is how to compare office decoration with home decoration.
1. The principal usually has less time to handle the matter personally. Usually at the beginning of the attention is more, as for the previous secondary stay in progress. This is because as the company's person in charge, the primary obligation is nothing more than to do business or take charge of related tasks. So much less time is spent on decoration.
2. Engineering quality is often not as high as home decoration. This is because commercial places generally have to pay a higher rent, the client pays more attention to the use of the site. This touches on the progress of the project. To be quick, of course, the quality of the project must be sacrificed. Of course, we do not mean that the quality is very poor, but that it is not comparable to the standard of home decoration.
3. Analysis of the company's operating scope, customer positioning and decoration style between the configuration results. For example, the operation of Finance and economics often needs to show the strength of the company through luxury decoration.
4. Analyse and weigh the balance between the time limit and the investment of the company. For companies, investment in decoration is often included in operating costs. Of course, bosses and financial managers have a better understanding of this achievement. And it is worth mentioning that the quality of decoration, sometimes different will react to the operation.
Selection of decoration team. This is nothing more than three things:
5. Up and down the cost; the most painful choice. Good quality, cheap and fixed, but this often does not exist in the ideal logic. Cost is the first guarantee of quality. If the funds permit, it seems that choosing a credible construction team will increase your unnecessary troubles.
6. Payment method. This achievement seems to be the most difficult one. Ordinary public decoration, regardless of size, construction teams are very willing to undertake. This time, if the risk is small, but regarding the company's decoration, the decoration team has a very cautious attitude. It's just very difficult to collect money. Coupled with the project fraud in recent years, colleagues have become very sober, will not be arbitrarily tempted by high returns and deceived.
7. The design is good or bad; four words: drawing peace. But I would like to advise your bosses that today's technology is too advanced. Take computer graphics for example. Sometimes the things on the drawings are more than ten or twenty times better than the ideal ones. I think computer graphics can only show a 3D way of understanding, and can not think that is the effect of decoration. Whether the design is good or not depends on whether the design style is acceptable and whether the drawing design is reasonable.
8. Construction quality; viewing the quality of the model house. According to today's situation, it seems that two types of model houses reflect the extent of the builder: home decoration and office decoration. As long as the quality of these two decorations can be compared to see the degree.
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