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Jinan Decoration Company teaches you the difference between wood flooring and floor tiles
When decorating the living room, we need to consider whether to lay floor tiles or floors, which is the result of many friends who are newly renovated. Above let the Department Yi decoration design company to explain the difference between them in detail.
From the point of view of heat preservation: the floor's heat preservation has the disadvantage; the floor tile's heat preservation function is absolutely worse because of its fast heat conduction, especially in the summer, the whole living room will appear very cold and uncomfortable, assuming the sitting room is facing north, the situation will become more severe; but for the enemies who are suitable for floor heating, the floor tile's heat preservation and resistance will be more severe. Durability is definitely better than wood flooring. Wood flooring in the laying of the ground dragon will affect the use of heating heat transfer effect from the softness: the floor has beautiful, durable characteristics, natural wood species, can be a good performance of a group's life. In order to ensure wear-resistant life in the air, public places with excessive wear and tear have to choose hard aerial materials. In living areas such as living rooms, wood floors with better elasticity can not only make feet feel comfortable, but also greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, and basically deal with noise exceeding the standard. Achievements make the room warmer and more stable. For families with children and the elderly: because of the convenience of the elderly and the naughty vividness of children, casual family accidents of falling and rubbing occur, so in the choice of living room decoration, floor tile damage to the elderly and children is undoubtedly more severe than the floor, it is recommended to choose the floor.
从颐养来说:地板的清洁顺序和颐养要疾速利便得多,如关于油渍、水迹,它们对地板的损伤比拟严峻;地砖的简直无损伤; 而地板受天气及湿度影响较大;需求活期颐养;水浸后容易变形起翘;运用寿命绝对较短。
In terms of self-care, the cleaning sequence and self-care of floors are much faster and more convenient, such as oil stains and water marks, which cause severe damage to floors; floor tiles are simple and non-destructive; and floors are greatly affected by weather and humidity; they need live self-care; they are prone to deformation and warping after water immersion; and their service life is absolutely short.
From the style trick comparison: floor tiles: due to complete types, glorious and bright, single flower chamber, specifications are also very different, so give designers a very large space to play, and compare casual design effect; floor: in the glory, style and other selection of surface than floor tiles is weaker, to think of special effects is not easy.
From the material comparison: floor: the material is very complex, because of the great difference of tree species, and the sunrise or sunrise of trees, the material has a strong regional difference. Of course, the paint surface treatment of the paint-free floor in the market is cured by ultraviolet radiation, adding the non-chaotic nature of the material. Floor tiles: Material analogy is close, the composition of bricks is almost similar, there will be no regional compliance or not.
From the comparison of environmental protection functions: flooring: secondary divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and composite flooring. Among these three, solid wood flooring is the best, followed by solid wood composite flooring. But formaldehyde is released in some cases. Floor tiles: They are radioactive and have certain damage to human body. In recent years, a large number of floor tiles have reached the scope of national health standards. But as far as the single environmental protection is concerned, the environmental protection of the floor is better.
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