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House shading engineering decoration matters needing attention
We know that the inspection of house decoration should pay attention to some shade works. The literal interpretation of shade works is the invisible projects after construction, such as pipeline laying, line installation, ceiling lamp. These shade projects are attributed to the infrastructure construction of the house, which is the basis of the house decoration, and therefore very important. Then, what should we pay attention to in the decoration of the shade works? What are the key points in the decoration of the shade works? The following X-League Xiaobian will introduce you to the matters needing attention in the decoration of the shade works of the houses.
1. house shading engineering notice wires
Decoration must be aware of the shade works of the house matters needing attention and details to share, let's first look at the laying of electrical wiring works. There are lighting wires in household decoration, socket lines, air conditioning lines, and cable. If the house is newly decorated, it is better to use the long-lived wire with better quality for laying, so that the slow aging of the wire can extend the use time. Otherwise, if the house is renovated, in principle, it is not necessary to replace the wires in the wall, but only to extend the existing wires and other operations. If some wires have problems and need to be diverted, it is necessary to carefully organize the wires, so as to avoid the disorder of functions and make the whole decoration problem.
2. house shelter project notes PVC tube
Decoration must know the house shade project attention and detail sharing, let's look at the PVC pipe laying problem. Generally, PVC pipes are suitable for maintaining wires and insulating pipes. Otherwise, the laying of PVC pipes can be very convenient for future line repair. If there is a problem in the shade project, only the wires in the PVC pipe of the problem line need to be pulled out and replaced accordingly. However, it should be noted that when connecting PVC pipes, it is necessary to use joints, not hard plugs, and to use glue for consolidation. The joints should be professional sleeves. In general, we will lay PVC pipes first, lay them thoroughly and then penetrate the wires to ensure the smooth replacement of the later wires.
3. house shading engineering precautions for waterproofing on the ground
Decoration must be aware of the house shade project notes and details to share, let's take a look at the shade project on the ground waterproof operation. Ground waterproofing is an important process in the shade project of house decoration. We all carry out waterproofing treatment on the ground. If the original ground is damaged carelessly in the construction process, the original waterproofing layer on the ground may have been damaged greatly. The breakage of the waterproof layer will cause serious leakage and seepage in the room, which is usually disturbing and often needs to be repaired. Therefore, waterproofing should be done in the sheltered works of infrastructure. Waterproof coatings such as polyurethane film can be used to construct waterproof layer. After waterproofing treatment, corresponding water storage experiments are needed to ensure that no leakage or seepage occurs on the ground within 24 hours to account for the success of waterproofing construction on the ground.
4. ceiling project for shelter project
Decoration must be aware of the house shade project notes and details to share, finally let's take a look at the shade project in the ceiling project. When decorating the ceiling, the first thing to do is to lay keel. Wood keel must choose high-quality wood and carry out fire protection treatment, so as to ensure that the ceiling material meets the requirement of robustness. However, some houses do not have complete ceiling treatment nowadays, and there are certain security risks. In addition, the installed keel should be strong and reliable, because if the keel and decorative panels are not well combined or overloaded, all or part of the roof will collapse. Therefore, a pendant lamp with a horizontal deviation of more than 5 mm or a mass of more than 3 kg can not be installed on the ceiling keel, requiring other device hooks.
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