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I. Useless Decoration
1. Carpets (easy to hide dirt). The living room carpet, as soon as you get some cigarette ash on it, as soon as you get some broken melon seed shells, peanut peels and so on, it only takes more than a year to throw them away! Just look at those beautiful pictures.
2. Too many lights (blindness, no use!). Looks like a dream, the lamp belt can't be turned on once a year! It's really wasteful! Practice resides in the middle, lamp belt, tube lamp, spotlight and other lighting use frequency is not large. In modern life, most people live in a fast pace. The main activity to go home at night is to rest. There are many kinds of lights that are not used at all. They are only displayed when guests come. [Jinan Decoration Company] In ordinary life, if you turn over all the lights, it is too expensive. Some complex designs are easy to accumulate ash and not easy to liquidate.
2. Useless appearance
1. Cut-off bookshelves (hard to clean). Liquor cabinets, Bogu shelves and other lattices are very desirable for decoration, but after decoration, cleaning and hygiene would like to shrink hands into babies! In practice, partitioned bookshelves and other open bookcases are facing the problem of too much dust and not easy to clean. If the decorations on the bookcase are not often handled or changed, they will be very old because they are covered with dust.
2. Open small bar (low utilization rate). [Jinan Decoration Company] In practice, this kind of bar has a single function and little applicability. If there is no habit of tasting wine or eating here, it is likely to be empty. After adding babies to many young families, the use rate of the bar is even lower, and some have to be removed.
3. Useless Furniture
1. Over-high suspension cabinet (discount in value). The high cabinet in the house only contains quilts. It is not necessary to build high cabinets on the balcony. It is not convenient to carry small things. Excessive high and deep suspension cabinet, the utilization rate is not high.
2. Receiving platform (troublesome to use). Many platforms often use only marginal localities. There are many items on some platforms, so it is very difficult to store or fetch them frequently. In addition, if the tatatami mat and so on, sanitation is also very difficult to handle.
3. Invisible door. In fact, this test is about design and craftsmanship. It's not easy to do a good job of invisible doors. Jinan Decoration Company is prone to present various problems, such as door deformation, dirty and discolored open parts, short life of hardware such as slideway hinge, easy to reset and install problems, etc. Once these problems arise, invisible doors become difficult "invisible doors", which seem to be no different. There is also a difficult point, if the color is lighter, for a long time, you will find a position on the door showing a black handprint.
I believe that after reading the introduction of this article by Jinan Decoration Company http://www.mulanqingcheng.com, I will have my own understanding of this aspect, and other problems can be solved well in the future.


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