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  Paint paint is a very important decoration material in family decoration. We should pay attention to it when choosing it. Not only depends on the aesthetic level but also on the environmental performance. Some coatings are harmful to people's health although they are beautiful, so we must be careful to choose and buy them.
  Selection and Purchasing Skills of Paint and Coatings
  Look at Environmental Protection Index of Paint Coatings
  Look at the product test report, see whether the environmental protection indicators VOC, free formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. meet the national standards. Some harmful volatile organic compounds will gradually release after one year of painting, which is harmful to health. The solvent toxicity of waterborne paint is relatively small.
  Look at the Brand of Paint Paint
  When purchasing environmental protection paint, please choose the brand with good reputation and high popularity. The price may be relatively high, but the quality and health performance are guaranteed. In order to prevent the purchase of counterfeit brand-name products, it is suggested to choose from the special distributors, monopoly stores and large building materials supermarkets of well-known brands.
  Look at the paint film
  The greater the elasticity of the product, the more difficult it is to crack when you finish painting the wall; the higher the scrubbability, the higher the density of the paint film, that is, the better the effect of the paint made, the easier to clean; the mildew resistance of the paint; the covering ability of the paint, suitable for second-hand room decoration; the strong adhesion of the latex paint will rarely appear. The phenomenon of wall peeling and peeling.
  Look at the packaging and production date
  When choosing paint, consumers should carefully check the packaging to see if there is leakage. Because the paint has great volatility, so the packaging of products must be sealed well. If there are signs of corrosion of metal packaging, indicating poor sealing performance or product storage time is too long, the purchase should be treated with caution.
  Look at the fineness of paint
  Usually the finer the price, the more expensive it is. The fineness of paint refers to the size or uniformity of particles such as pigments and body pigments in paint or paste, expressed in microns. The fineness of coatings will affect the physical and mechanical properties of coatings, such as gloss and water permeability.
  Distribution of paint and coatings according to space division
  For example, the walls of bedrooms and living rooms should be equipped with paints with strong adhesion, fine texture, powder resistance and radon resistance; kitchens and bathrooms should be equipped with paints with waterproof, mildew-proof and easy to wash; and balconies are often exposed to the sun and rain, and ordinary paints are easier to shed and discolor, so they should be used. The use of professional sunshine paint. Many people are curious about the choice of paint by use or composition. In fact, space is the first consideration.
  Observing the Transparency of Paint
  Open the paint and see the transparency of the paint (varnish). The better the transparency, the better the effect of the finished product can clearly show the effect of wood grain. At a glance, it is known that it is high-grade paint and workmanship.
  Estimate the amount of paint used in advance
  Many consumers do not estimate the amount of paint used in advance, afraid to buy less paint, always more beneficial when choosing to buy. This may result in waste of materials, increase the cost of home decoration, and accumulate too much paint on the construction safety will also have a certain impact. Therefore, Unified Furniture Consultant advises consumers to look at the area of the construction area before construction, so as to estimate the amount of materials purchased. The simpler way to estimate the amount of paint used is to apply the amount of paint required (L) = (wall area X 2.5) / brushable area per liter of paint.
  Color Selection of Paint Coatings
  1. Choose the color according to the shape of the room.
  Color can change people's perception of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, cold colors can make lower ceilings look higher and narrow rooms wider. The use of dark colors on the wall at the far end of the room can cause the wall to move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room.
  2. Light colour is usually used on the top surface.
  Light color makes people feel light, dark color makes people feel heavy. Usually the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from shallow to deep, such as the roof of the room and the wall surface using white and light color, the wall skirt using white and light color, the kick line using dark color, it will give people a sense of stability, on the contrary, shallow will give people a sense of head-heavy and foot-light depression. White paint on walls is safer, and lighter paint is actually safer.
  3. Choose the color according to the use of the room.
  The use of the room often determines the effect you want to create. The living room should be bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, while the dining room can be dark. Kitchens are always suitable for light colors, but be careful with warm colors. Corridors and halls only serve as corridors, so they can be boldly colored. The style of the bedroom is entirely determined by the tastes of different people.
  4. Choose the color according to the orientation of the room
  Eastern-facing rooms darken earlier because of the earliest sunshine and the earliest departure, so the use of light warm colors is often the safest. The room facing south has the longest sunshine time. The use of cold colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more attractive. The room facing west, influenced by the strongest sunset and sunshine of the day, prefers dark cold colours, which seems more comfortable. Because there is no direct sunlight in the room facing the north, you should choose the color with warm color and light color.


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