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The first is greed for a small price.
Unfortunately, the decoration spent a lot of money, but hesitated on the small money, withholding cable. When purchasing building materials, we only choose promotional commodities. Under the pretext of buying one for one and clearing the warehouse, we choose a large number of low-cost building materials. However, there is no free lunch in the world. During the inspection and acceptance of decoration, either the content of indoor harmful substances is too high, or the switch will be broken soon.
Second, keep a close eye on price
Typical example is the selection of Jinan decoration company, even before each decorator affirms the company, usually let several companies to make a budget, which budget is low choose which one. In fact, separating common sense, we can understand that most of today's decoration projects are manual work, so the time consumed by each project is similar. Although the total cost of operation and management of small companies is comparatively low, the proportion allocated to each decoration project is similar to that of large companies. So how can it possibly be so much lower than the quotations of big companies? It must be jerry-building, underfilling or additional budgets, etc. In practice, the final budget is not cheap.
Jinan office decoration
Third, be obedient and have no idea.
It's easy to trust the recommendation of relatives and friends, and don't stop communicating with designers or project supervisors when meeting problems that you don't understand. However, the decoration experience of others is not necessarily suitable for you. What's more, there are more cheats on the Internet than others. I'm afraid that if I thought it was a great good thing, I would "lift a stone and hit my foot", so I must arouse attention.
Fourth, being smart and stubborn
The strangest thing is that owners who have some decoration experience but don't understand it well suffer more losses. In the selection of decoration materials, the owner should pay attention to the balcony maintenance when decorating high-rise buildings, and use less weight stone to stop decorating the air. Therefore, the designer will generally choose floor tiles, but the owner in order to pursue beauty, choose heavier marble, and in order to be firm, choose a large number of cement mortar, so as to increase the load of the balcony. Load, incurred less than two years, there are cracks in the connection of the balcony, the risk is heavy!
Jinan office decoration
Fifth, gain and loss
Here, the owners are reminded that decoration can never be done 100 times, do not think of a decoration for life, this will make me exhausted. For example, to make a bookshelf partition, make 18 cm, feel too wide, and make 16 cm, and feel too narrow, always worried about the effect of doing not good, I wish to think about everything, suffer from gains and losses, let me very tired. In practice, no matter what kind of decoration, there is an outdated day. Later with the mood to change just fine.
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